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Jack Herer (Feminised)

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  • Brand:: BlueMMagic Seeds
  • Type: Indica / sativa
  • THC: 19–20%
  • Productivity: 300-400 g / m²
  • Harvesting: 85–90 days
  • Plant height: 80–130 cm

Grade Type: Indica / sativa

Bloom Bloom: 70–80 days

THC content THC content: 19–20%

Harvest Harvest: 300-400 g / m²

Genetics Genetics: Auto Jack Herer x Ruderalis

Harvesting Harvesting: 85–90 days

Plant height Plant height: 80–130 cm

Smell during flowering Odor during flowering: average

Effect Effect: cerebral

Taste Taste: tropical


General characteristics

The feminized cannabis seeds of the autoflowering Jack Herer cultivar produce strong and hardy seedlings, on which, as they ripen, dense cones form abundantly abundant in honey-sticky resin. The culture is unpretentious and will not require the creation of ideal conditions, but it will fully reveal its potential only to hardworking growers who will provide it with an optimal level of humidity and lighting.


The plants that produce the feminized cannabis seeds of the autoflowering Jack Herer variety are direct descendants of Jack Herer, which has long been considered a favorite among hemp crops. To improve the quality of the original variety, its plants were crossed with plants of the Ruderalis variety, which made it possible to obtain a virtually perfect crop. A fairly powerful and stable genetics is hidden under the name Auto Jack Herer Feminised and a beautiful-looking plant.

Taste and effect

The auto-flowering Jack Herer feminized cannabis seeds delight plants that, as they mature, begin to exude an amazing aroma. In the last weeks of life, the plant is covered with sugar resin, this is also a unique ratio of cones and leaves. The bright smell of a nut, interspersed with notes of incense and sandalwood - all this is Jack Herer. There is only one thing to be said about the effect of the Auto Jack Herer Feminised hybrid: a powerful cerebral effect, which is accompanied by deep relaxation, as well as a bright flight of thoughts and fantasies.

Medical use

The Auto Jack Herer Feminised brand of marijuana is highly recognized in medical practice. It is very often used to relieve intense pain of various etiologies, relieve muscle tone and cramps. In addition, the hybrid has a pronounced sedative effect, which makes it possible to use it in cases where you need to quickly remove strong emotional stress and relax.

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