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Auto Caramel Cake

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  • Brand:: Spanna Seeds
  • Type: Indica dominant
  • THC: 18%
  • Productivity: 350 - 500g m2
  • Genetics: BlueBlack x M
  • Harvesting: 8 weeks
  • Plant height: 40 - 90 cm

Auto Caramel Cake

Genotype: Indica dominant
Genetics: BlueBlack x Maple Leaf Indica x White Rhino
THC content: 18%
Productivity: 350 - 500g m2
Harvest: 8 weeks
Plant height: 40 - 90 cm


Auto Caramel Cake Feminised is the result of serious breeding development. Contains the genetics of the finest autoflowering species. Suitable for cultivation outdoors, indoors, as well as in greenhouses. Low-growing plants - from 40 to 90 cm, no more. With an 8 week flowering period, they yield 350-500 grams of a wonderful harvest per square meter. The developing buds of a dense structure produce a large amount of resin. The THC level reaches 18%, and in combination with a sweetish caramel-earthy aroma, pronounced healing properties, determines the nature of the effect on the body. Deep relaxation allows you to rest, relieves signs of fatigue, invigorates.

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