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Auto Durban poison

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  • Brand:: Dutch Passion
  • Type: Sativa
  • THC: 16-24%
  • Productivity: 75-120 g per p
  • Genetics: Durban Poison
  • Harvesting: 65-77 days
  • Plant height: 80-140 cm

Auto Durban poison 

THC content: 16-24%

Variety type: predominantly Sativa

Bloom: 56 days

Harvest: 75-120 g per plant

Genetics: Durban Poison х Ruderalis

Harvesting: 65-77 days

Plant height: 80-140 cm

Effect: invigorating


Durban Poison is an autoflowering, feminized, mainly sativa variety . The plant has a somewhat prolonged growing season compared to other autoflowers, which in the end may slightly affect its height. The buds grow large, resinous and exude a characteristic, distinctive Durban flavor. Durban Poison has proven itself very well as an extremely productive variety. Has a classic, sativa effect.

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