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Blue Dream'matic (Auto)

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View: sativa 75% / indica 25%

Genetics: Blue Dream autoflowering

Application: Indoor / Outdoor

Height: 110 cm.

Blossoming: 9 - 11 weeks - Full cycle

THC: Very High 

CBD: Low 


Auto Blue Dream'matic fem is an auto-flowering version of the Blue Dream cannabis variety from California. 

Auto Blue Dream'matic fem is so easy to grow that even beginning growers can look forward to good results in the shortest possible time. Just plant the seeds, provide them with 18-24 hours of light, and they will feel great. Natural stress tolerance Blue Dream'matic makes cultivation easier, the plant is quite undemanding.

If you want to get the most out of the harvests, you can trim the marijuana in the early stages of plant growth to get more bumps. This variety responds well to pruning of lower leaves and FIM pruning. If you do this, the plant will turn into a shrub with many branches, which will be filled with dense, oblong buds. Auto Blue Dream'matic fem reaches a height of 110 cm. The entire cycle of Auto Blue Dream'matic fem from seeds to harvest is from 9 to 11 weeks. You can count on a harvest up to 300 grams per plant!

After the Auto Blue Dream'matic fem, you can achieve two different tastes. If you harvest early, the cones will exude a tart sweetness with an earthy and wooden touch. But if you wait another couple of weeks before the final ripening of the crop, the taste of Auto Blue Dream'matic fem will turn into an intense combination of refreshing berries and citrus flavors! Very pungent and appetizing smell! 

Auto Blue Dream'matic fem is basically sativa (75% sativa), which means that its effect will be cerebral, serene and sublime, turning into complete relaxation throughout the body. Blue Dream'matic is suitable for smoking at a later time of day, without a weighting stone effect.

Due to its airy, relaxing effect, the Auto Blue Dream'matic fem also has good healing potential. Medical use of cannabis can help with chronic pain such as arthritis, rheumatism, back pain, or multiple sclerosis. Users also reported that this strain can be a good remedy against migraines, stress, asthma and many other diseases and health conditions. 

Auto Blue Dream'matic fem is a fantastic auto-flowering sativa-dominant plant that has extraordinary qualities. Taste and effect at a high level, impressive harvest and rapid growth - Auto Blue Dream'matic fem is a very interesting variety for cultivation!

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