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Super Auto Cookies G13 XXL (Auto)

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  • Brand:: BlueMMagic Seeds
  • Type: indica
  • Productivity: 800 gr/plant
  • Harvesting: 100 days
  • Plant height: 180-300 cm

GENETICS:GSC x G13 x Stitch 0.2


VARIETY:Mostly Indica

YIELD:300 - 800 gr/plant

PLANT HEIGHT:180-300 cm

GROWS:Indoors, Outdoors


TASTE/FLAVOUR Flowery, Kush, Sweet

EFFECT:Body, Happy, Psychedelic, Relaxing


Cookie G13 SuperAuto heralds the arrival of a new series of SuperAuto strains from Flash Seeds using US genetics as a base. This one is a blend of Girl Scout Cookies, G13 and Stitch 0.2.

Cookie G13 is one giant-sized plant. Its height isn't that exceptional, certainly in terms of SuperAutos, at between 180 - 300 cm. but rather the density and bushiness of the plant's structure is such that yields of as much as 800 gr/plant are possible with outdoor cultivation in sunny climes. It is very easy to grow but its life-cycle of approximately 100 days means that planting should be done outside in the Spring or very early summer at the latest in order to make full use of the sun's power and intensity. If growing in pots it is best not to transplant at all but to use a minimum pot size of 25 litres. Planting seedlings directly into the prepared ground will yield the best results.

If growing indoors in higher latitudes then a SCRoG (Screen of Green) system is the best solution as it will expose more budding sites to the light but will also help to control the plant's height. Its heavy indica aroma will make air-filters a necessity.

Cookie G13 has the perfume of a sweet, floral Afghani plant. The effect is very powerful, physically relaxing and cerebrally psychedelic and generating feelings of happiness.

If grown outside Stitch recommends using at least 25 litre pots; even better is to give the plants 2 weeks in 3 litre pots before planting directly into the ground which has been prepared with good quality soil. Feed "grow" nutrients for 6 weeks, then a 50/50 mix of "grow" and "bloom" for 2 weeks and then exclusively "bloom" nutes up until about 10 days before harvest. During this last phase it is recommended to flush with pure water in order to improve the taste.

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