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Amnesia (Feminised)

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Amnesia Fem

THC content:15–20%

Grade Type:Sativa

Bloom:63–70 days

Harvest:600–800 g / m²

Genetics:Wild Thai (Ko Chang) x Skunk / Cinderella 99 / Jack Herer


Plant height:130–170 cm

The effect:relaxing



General characteristics

Amnesia feminized cannabis seeds have long been at the top of the market. The hybrid has an extremely short flowering period and rapid growth. The bushes have strong and very dense stems, revealing the presence of indigenous genes in their composition. As they grow on the branches of the hybrid, many heavy dense inflorescences are formed, covered with a thick aromatic layer of resin. Culture will not require the creation of special conditions and will delight in high yields even in spite of bad weather conditions and a lack of ultraviolet radiation.


Amnesia beauties were obtained by crossing two immaculate cultures - Northern Lights and Haze. Sativa genes predominate in the genetic composition of the hybrid, however, the external characteristics of the bushes are more suitable for the description of individual dominant crops. The seedlings produced by the feminized cannabis seeds of the Amnesia cultivar have the highest characteristics, which allowed them to become indisputable favorites of the marijuana world.

Taste and effect

Amnesia can be your favorite, even if you are just beginning to comprehend the delightful world of hemp. The hybrid is considered to be one of the strongest marijuana varieties with a sufficiently long and powerful sativa-indian effect. In the beginning, the view will significantly speed up the flow of your thoughts and enhance brain activity, but at the final stage it will give you a feeling of deep relaxation, seasoned with peace of mind and a sense of peace. The aroma of the species is practically no different from the smell of Super Silver Haze.

Medical use

Amnesia is considered a popular medical grade of marijuana that is used to treat multiple sclerosis, bipolar disorders, retrograde amnesia, and low-attention syndrome. The variety is able to quickly stop chronic as well as acute pain of varying degrees of intensity. It remarkably increases appetite and eliminates nausea.

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