Amnesia (Auto )

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Grade Type: predominantly sativaBloom Bloom: 70-75 daysTHC content THC content: 18–20%Harvest Harvest: 425–550 g / m²Genetics Genetics: Haze x Skunk # 1 x Northern LightsHarvesting Harvesting: 85–90 daysPlant height Plant height: 75-150 cmSmell during flowering Odor during flowering: averageEffect E..

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Grade Type: predominantly sativa

Bloom Bloom: 70-75 days

THC content THC content: 18–20%

Harvest Harvest: 425–550 g / m²

Genetics Genetics: Haze x Skunk # 1 x Northern Lights

Harvesting Harvesting: 85–90 days

Plant height Plant height: 75-150 cm

Smell during flowering Odor during flowering: average

Effect Effect: invigorating

Taste Taste: sweet

CBD Content CBD Content: 2%

Auto Amnesia Feminised is a beautiful, energetic plant, with a dominant sativa at the base of genetics, which grows quickly and has large sativa leaves, and the cones are shaped like fox tails. To get a good crop of 150 grams per plant, it should be grown for 9-10 weeks in the most ideal conditions. It has a fairly high THC content and low CBD. Amnesia has a strong psychotropic effect, mainly affecting the brain, and you will feel happy, energetic and in high spirits. Also, the variety has an average level of smell with notes of lemon, wood and earth. From a medical point of view, this variety is good for depression, stress, will have an average effect in pain, insomnia and fatigue.

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