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Power Plant feminized

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  • Brand:: BlueMMagic Seeds
  • Type: Sativa90%
  • THC: 15%
  • Productivity: 600 g / m2
  • Harvesting: Blossoming: 8 wee
  • Plant height: up to 1.5m in indore

Variety type: Sativa dominates (about 90%) 

Blossoming: 8 weeks 

Content of THC: 15% 

Crop: up to 600 g / m2 in open ground 

Genetics: South African 

Harvest: mid-October 

Plant height: up to 1.5m in indore and 2.5m in open ground 

Odor during flowering: not strong General characteristics

Feminized cannabis seeds of the Power Plant variety have very quickly gained popularity in the marijuana market due to the unique stability of the seedlings, unpretentiousness, yield and intense effects on the rastaman. The variety is great for cultivation in Indore and open ground. When growing a Power Plant in an outdoor area, you must remember that the culture will feel comfortable only in a warm Mediterranean climate. In height of a plant reach no more than 150 centimeters. At the top of the bushes is the formation of a long, about 30 centimeters, central cola, saturated with a huge amount of fragrant resin. Origin

The history of Power Plant is quite interesting and unusual for most modern cultures. The variety was created by a lengthy selection of the best representatives of an unknown variety whose homeland was South Africa. Due to the excellent genetics, feminized hemp seeds of the Power Plant variety will not cause any trouble for cultivation not only to an experienced professional, but also to a beginner. Taste and effect Despite the tremendous power hidden in the shoots of the Power Plant, the culture has a mild sweet taste and an enchanting savory refreshing aroma. The resin of hybrid buds contains a record amount of THC, which is very rare among sativa cultures. A high percentage of cannabinoids provided the culture with a powerful cerebral effect, supplemented by a rather pronounced euphoric effect.

The medical use of

Power Plant is a wonderful variety of medical cannabis used in the treatment of a wide range of mental disorders. Culture helps to stabilize the condition of patients suffering from affective disorders, chronic fatigue, abnormal mood, bouts of anger and retrograde amnesia.

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