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AK Feminized

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  • Brand:: BlueMMagic Seeds
  • Type: indica/sativa
  • THC: 19%
  • Productivity: 600–800 g / m²
  • Harvesting: Bloom:63–70 days
  • Plant height: 130–170 cm

THC content:19%

Grade Type:Indica / sativa

Bloom:63–70 days

Harvest:600–800 g / m²

Genetics:AK-47 improved version


Plant height:130–170 cm

The effect:relaxing



General characteristics

Feminized AK cannabis seeds will allow you to grow marijuana of a new strain, characterized by amazing yield with high homogeneity (of the same type and content), as well as get 100% female plants with the elementary provision of appropriate cultivation conditions.


Genetics AK is full of powerful ancestors: an indicator of Afghan origin, Mexican and Thai sativa, as well as several legendary strains firmly inscribed in the history of cannabis. They endowed the offspring with excellent qualities that appealed to anyone knowledgeable in Groving, and a short flowering stage.

Taste and effect

The taste of “grown” grown from the feminized AK hemp seeds has a very complex, multi-vector taste that has been stabilized by experienced breeders for a long time. The combination of fermented berries and citrus fruits with a subtle honey note and soft woody shades is preserved by a long cool finish. Indo-dominant effect of increased power, rapid and lasting in effect.

Medical use

AK often finds its application in medical practice, it can be used to relieve muscle cramps and clamps, eliminate depressive and hysterical conditions. Strain is widely used as a powerful painkiller.

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