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Ak 47 (Auto)

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  • Brand:: BlueMMagic Seeds
  • Type: Sativa \ Indica
  • THC: 20%
  • Productivity: 40-80 grams pe
  • Harvesting: 70 days
  • Plant height: 50 -80 cm

Variety type: Sativa \ Indica
Blossoming: 7-8 weeks
Content of THC: 20%
Productivity: 40-80 grams per plant
Genetics: AK-47 (Colombia x Mexico x Thailand x Afghanistan) x Lowryder
Harvest: 70 days
Plant height: 50 -80 cm General Specs

Feminized cannabis seeds of the auto flowering variety Auto AK-47 the first 60 days after you carefully lower them into the fertile soil, they will actively grow and develop. During this period, pistils will begin to appear intensively on them, and the cups will swell from excess resin. The AK-47 gives a special charm to the plants a thin film located in resin glands and sparkling in the sunlight, which creates the impression that the leaves are sprinkled with noble diamond dust. Origin

Despite the predominance of sativa genes in AK-47, during the period of ripening on the bushes a lot of large lush inflorescences are formed, which in the period of ripening turn into huge curly resinous cones. This fantastic hybrid was obtained by fusing the auto-flowering Lowryder and the powerful AK-47 genes. Since its inception, feminized cannabis seeds of the auto flowering variety Auto AK-47 have firmly taken the lead in the top of sales. Taste and effect

Auto AK-47 has a bright energetic effect, which is perfect for outdoor activities, fun parties and friendly gatherings. Culture significantly enhances physical and brain activity, which allows for much more work than usual. As the ripening fat buds of culture fill the space with charming sweetness with light patches of delicious pine notes. Medical use

Medical professionals have appreciated the wide therapeutic effects Auto AK-47 has. Today, a hybrid is very often used to remove patients from depression. It relieves pain remarkably, relaxes muscle spasm and relieves nausea. Also, the need for this hybrid may occur in cases where the patient is undergoing treatment and it is necessary to quickly increase his appetite, which will contribute to a speedy recovery.

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