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Auto Banana Punch Fem

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  • Brand:: BlueMMagic Seeds
  • Type: 60% Indica
  • THC: 22%-24%
  • Productivity: 650m2
  • Genetics: Banana Monkey
  • Harvesting: 56 - 63 day
  • Plant height: 60-100cm

Genotype: 60% Indica
Genetics: Banana Monkey x Ruderalis
THC content: 22%-24%
Bloom:     56 - 63 day
Harvest: 650m2
Plant height: 60-100cm

Auto Banana Punch Feminised is characterized primarily by its aroma and flavor characteristics. It is difficult to resist the rich smell and taste of ripe banana, seasoned with subtle spices. These characteristics are not inferior to THC - 22% and CBD - 0.2% , determining the effect - a slowly onset state of deep relaxation.

The combination of indica, sativa and ruderalis can be expressed with the formula 60/20/20. Plants, no more than 100 cm in height , grow indoors, blooming when there is a 12-18 hour light period. In open space, flowering continues when the temperature drops to 10 degrees, providing a yield of 80-150 g per bush .

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