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Auto Skunk Haze

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  • Brand:: BlueMMagic Seeds
  • Type: sativa
  • THC: 15%
  • Productivity: 300-500M2
  • Harvesting: 55-65 days
  • Plant height: 110 to 150 cm
Auto Skunk Haze

THC: ~15%~
Type of:sativa
Height:110 to 150 cm
Flowering period:55-65 days
Harvest:in indore: 300-500M2

Originally, Super  Haze was created based on the Skunk, NL, and Haze genes. In Zambeza Seeds they decided to make an auto-flowering version that would retain such important properties of the original Super Silver Haze. One of the drawbacks of the original variety was a long flowering period. But the problem was solved by adding ruderalis to the genetics.
Harvest Super Silver Haze Autoflowering can be collected already after 70-85 days. In Indore, its bushes grow to 80-110 cm and produce up to 250-300 g / m?. In open space, plant height can reach 110-150 cm, and yield - 120-170 g per shrub. The quality of the cones is simply impressive - the level of THC is as much as 17%!
Super Haze - one of those strains, before smoking which do not need to think twice. Often, even his little bumps are enough for the desired effect. His hi inspires and awakens creativity. The aroma of Super Silver Haze Autoflowering can be described as a light and pleasant blend of sweetness and spice, with a refreshing touch of citrus. The smoke is very soft and pleasant.
Super Haze Autoflowering - a variety for those who want everything at once. You only need to wait a bit until he grows up, and you will enjoy its effect. The auto flowering Super Haze variant is suitable for both experienced growers and beginners.
There is no need to buy expensive marijuana if you can grow your own in a short amount of time and without much investment.

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