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Auto Cali Orange Bud

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  • Brand:: Spanna Seeds
  • Type: 50% / 50%
  • THC: 15%
  • Productivity: 500-600 gm2
  • Harvesting: Flowering time: 6
  • Plant height: 0.7-1.5cm

Type: 50% indica / 50% sativa
THC: 15%
Flowering time: 65 days
Plant height: 0.7-1.5cm
Productivity: 500-600 gm2

Breeders have been working on the Auto California Orange Bud hybrid since 1980. Strain is unusually resinous, and not only bosses, but also leaves. Equivalent phenotype - 50% indica, 50% sativa. At the vega stage, the bush begins to actively exude the smell of grapefruit and orange, this aroma is retained in the finished product. The effect on the body is strong enough, cerebral, inspiring. In terms of productivity, the strain is considered to be quite productive, its indicators are at least above average. From one m2 planted with bushes, you get 500-600 g of the crop.

Experienced breeders recommend that gardeners use indoor soil for their first strain cultivation experience. Indoors, the bush will feel more stable and protected. On average, the flowering period takes 65 days. Closer to the harvest, the cones are densely covered with bright orange hairs.

The share of THC in dry matter is low, about 8-15%, depending on the growing conditions. Therefore, novice herb smokers, who are just joining the culture of consumption, can taste it boldly, without fear of catching paranoia. After pokura, the rastaman will feel cheerfulness, euphoria, feel happy and relaxed. Strain works well in the treatment of depression, nausea, pain, anxiety, migraines.

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