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Banana Frosting Fem

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  • Brand:: manufacturer
  • Type: 70% INDICA
  • Productivity: 300-500 g / m2
  • Genetics: Silver Haze x
  • Harvesting: Bloom: 50-55 days
  • Plant height: 150-200 cm

Genotype:70% INDICA

Genetics: Silver Haze x Diesel x Skunk Kush x Hindu Kush

THC content: 10-15%

Bloom: 50-55 days

Harvest: 300-500 g / m2

Plant height: 150-200 cm

This variety boasts an impressive lineage with a gene pool that includes Skunk Kush, Hindu Kush, Diesel and Silver Haze. It is 70% Indica, 30% Sativa, which comes through in the plants' relatively fast flowering period as well as the citrusy aroma and taste. Thanks to the qualities of its parent plants, growers can expect bountiful harvests with plenty of sticky, resinous buds. Euphoria is also worth mentioning - intense, uplifting and deeply relaxing. This is a very American cannabis variety.

Banana Frosting Feminized Growth Model

This hybrid's impressive genetic pool includes parent plants such as Silver Haze, Skunk Kush and Hindu Kush. The sativa influence is largely due to Silver Haze and produces a noticeable feeling of euphoria when consumed. However, Kush's indica influences show up in abundant buds and big yields, while Diesel can be found in the aroma and cerebral high.

These seeds are feminized, which means that it is unlikely that there will be any male plants in the pack. This is an advantage for beginner growers, as it means that it will probably not be necessary to identify and remove certain plants during cultivation.

Another advantage of this variety is its relatively short flowering time of only 50 to 65 days, which is useful for those who want to harvest fairly quickly. Despite being mostly sativa, the variety does not grow to excessive heights. In fact, this is a fairly compact variety that can be grown discreetly, both indoors and outdoors.

In appearance, the variety is strong and thick, which resembles its indica. The main stem is thick and strong, with branches with short internodes. Growers can expect a large number of buds to form during the flowering stage, which usually results in a bumper crop. The stakes are large and dense, have a pyramidal shape.

One of the biggest advantages of this variety is its high yield. When grown outdoors under the right conditions, growers can get a significant amount. Plants also do well indoors. When growing plants outdoors, the climate should be warm and sunny, with long and reliable summers. The Mediterranean countries are ideal.

Plants respond well to most cultivation methods such as SCROG (Screen of Green), SOG (Sea of Green), super cropping and candy cultivation.

Effect, taste and smell of Banana Frosting Feminized

The strain is 70% indica and 30% sativa, and most users note that sativa is predominant in aroma, flavor and, to some extent, high.

It is not surprising (given its origin) that the strain produces an intense and fast-acting effect. Users can expect physical relaxation without being tied to the couch and feeling warm and happy. The sativa genetics also add a sense of euphoria and just the right level of uplift.

As the plants grow, they have a sweet aroma of ripe bananas and citrus that intensifies as the flowering period progresses. Other fruity aromas may also be detected, especially during the harvest stage. When tasting, users note that citrus flavor prevails with a new banana aftertaste, but there is also a hint of spices and brown sugar. This fruity sweetness brings out the Californian side of Banana Frosting.

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