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Big Demon (Auto)

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  • Brand:: BlueMMagic Seeds
  • Type: 60% sativa / 40% indica
  • THC: 21-23%
  • Productivity: 800 / m2
  • Harvesting: 70-80 days

Height: 120-130 cm

THC: 21-23%

Harvest: 800 / m2

Look: 60% sativa / 40% indica

Flowering time: 55 days

Origin: Canada / Kazakhstan

Country: Canada


Auto Big Demon from Chui Valley 

Kazakhstan is the geographical location closest to our region, where sativa grows. After all, sativa is characterized by a tropical habitat: Brazil, Colombia, etc., very remote corners of the globe. Chui cannabis is known for its invincible vitality, aggressive odor and long-lasting effect, invigorating and relaxing at the same time. Auto Big Demon is derived from the cultivated and fairly ennobled genotype of Chui marijuana, which Kazakh experts grow and select for smoking. 

Cultivation Auto Big Demon

Kazakh pedigree fully endowed Auto Big Demon with its signature Chuy love of life: the variety is unpretentious, reliable and unproblematic, tolerates elevated temperatures. A pot for growing indoors requires 12-14 liters. Since the strain is auto-flowering, it is not recommended to transplant young plants: after germination, the seed is placed in the hole where the plant will spend its entire life cycle, whether it be a pot of land or a plantation. Toward the end of the growing season, it makes sense for plants to set the horizontal direction of growth (LST), this will increase productivity - if the grove is in closed ground. You can also increase productivity with the help of SkroG. Topping or FIM for Auto Big Demon is not recommended due to the brief growing phase. After the transition to flowering, the Big Demon adds in growth and gradually gathers smell and flower mass, until it overgrows with a solid bump. Saturated green color and bright orange trichomes in the late stages of flowering give plants an elegant look. Harvest in the open ground - the end of August.

Auto Big Demon Effect

The action is invigorating and at the same time soothing. Suitable for use at any time of the day - although the morning dosage, if you wish to maintain legal capacity, should not be high. Eliminates headache and any nervousness. Auto Big Demon is your perfect assistant in work and creativity, but also at a party, corporate event or a date, the first ice with these inflorescences breaks quickly and easily. The condition lasts about 2 hours and is characterized by general serenity. Auto Big Demon leaves the user freedom of movement without being riveted to the spot - charged with demonic fun, you can ride a bicycle or go for a walk, as well as indulge in reading. drawing or playing chess. 

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