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BlackBerry (Auto )

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  • Brand:: Dutch Passion
  • Type: Indica
  • THC: 15–20%
  • Productivity: 70-120 g per p
  • Harvesting: 85 days
  • Plant height: 75-100 cm

Grade Type:predominantly Indica

Bloom:70 days

THC content:15–20%

Harvest:70-120 g per plant

Genetics:Blueberry x kush

Harvesting:85 days

Plant height:75-100 cm

The effect:relaxing

Taste:fruit and flower

Strain Auto Blackberry Kush is feminized, autoflowering and dominated by indica, and its parents are Blueberry and hardy dark Kush. The resulting hybrid combines the excellent taste and aroma of Blueberry and the power of Kush seeds.

Using Auto Blackberry Kush seeds, you can grow an autoflowering version of Blackberry Kush, known for its organoleptic properties. The bushes of the variety grow small, purple in color and give tiny, but fragrant cones.

Auto Blackberry Kush gives a good harvest in Indore, and outdoors it grows best in a temperate Mediterranean climate or in greenhouse conditions. The variety is resistant to rot and pests, it should be fed according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Auto Blackberry Kush cannabis strain has a strong, fruity-floral scent and taste. Its effect is powerful and soothing, which makes it ideal for long-term use.

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