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Black Domina (Auto)

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General characteristics

Feminized hemp seeds of the Black Domina variety will be an excellent acquisition not only for professional, but also beginner hemp growers. The hybrid has a short rapid growth and a surprisingly fast flowering period. Compact low bushes are covered with many tight, small in size, but infiltrated with a record amount of resin. When grown in Indore, the hybrid needs constant height control, since if you miss the moment, the bushes can surprise you with their gigantic size. The fruits on the central cola Black Domina deserve special attention, since they have a very unusual spherical shape, which gives the culture a very exotic look. 


As they mature, the Black Domina bushes are covered with a charming web of delicate trichomes, producing a sea of ​​fragrant resin that solidifies on the surface of the culture with white crystals. Feminized Black Domina feminized hemp seeds inherited all of their best qualities from parental strains - Canadian Ortega, Afghani, Hash Plant and Northern Lights. 

Taste and effect The

charming inflorescences of Black Domina emit a unique caramel aroma. However, the hybrid is unlikely to appeal to lovers of sweet aromas, as its bouquet clearly shows smoky spicy notes that leave behind a slight bitterness. The culture has a thick, heavy, resin-impregnated smoke, which has a long and powerful effect, characterized by deep relaxation. 

Medical use

The high content of cannabinoids has provided Black Domina with high therapeutic qualities. Hybrid helps to get rid of pain, return healthy sleep and improve mood with depression. He also remarkably increases the appetite and relieves muscle spasm, which allows you to stop nausea. Very often, strain is used to relieve histamine headaches, migraine attacks and improve memory in case of retrograde amnesia.

Variety type: Indica 

Flowering: 8-10 weeks 

THC content: high 

Harvest: medium 

Genetics: Afghani Indica x Canadian Ortega x Northern Lights x Hash Plant 

Harvest: September-October 

Plant height: medium 

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