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Black Russian Feminised

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  • Brand:: BlueMMagic Seeds
  • Type: dominantly Indica
  • THC: 17–20%
  • Productivity: 550-700 g / m²
  • Harvesting: 8 - 9 weeks
  • Plant height: 110-190 cm

THC content: 17–20%
Grade Type: dominantly Indica
Bloom: 8 - 9 weeks
Harvest: 550-700 g / m²
Genetics: Black Domina x AK
Harvesting: October
Plant height: 110-190 cm

The geneticists at Spanish Seeds have outdone themselves by giving us a strain that represents the best genes. Black Domina - Afghan indica (95%) combined with AK (Sativa), a strong genetic indica has crystallized, which also turns out to be extremely resistant. This grape is small and one meter high allows to obtain 500 grams per m2, and the yield is high-quality covered with delicious resin.

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