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Black Widow (Feminized)

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Type of variety:mostly Indica  

Bloom: 8-9 weeks

THC content: THC ~23%~

Harvest: 300-400 grams with m?

Genetics: White Widow x Misty

Plant height:120-150 cm

General characteristics

Black Widow feminized hemp seeds grow into dense, dense bushes covered with dense branches and wide foliage. The main advantage of the hybrid is that its shoots are covered with a moderate number of leaves and the maximum - buds, which, as they mature, become truly solid. Black Widow perfectly resists fungal infections and pests, feels great in different climatic regions and tolerates daily temperature changes.


The Black Widow is a wonderful balanced hybrid that is a close relative of the White Widow. In the genetic cocktail of strainra there are genes of the Brazilian Sativa and Indica. Due to the high quality, feminized Black Widow hemp seeds have received many awards and prizes, and today they are considered the most sought-after type of marijuana on the global cannabis market.

Taste and effect

The buds of Black Widow have a delicious slightly tart floral scent that is saturated with refreshing mint notes and the scent of wild wild flowers. Hybrid smoke has a mild delicate taste and the same effect. Penetrating into the body, it fills the body with a pleasant relaysk, accompanied by positive emotions and a slight feeling of euphoria.

Medical use

The mild effect of Black Widow made it an excellent option for medical use: Strain relieves muscle spasm, pain, relieves depression and insomnia. Also, the hybrid copes with increased appetite, treatment of anorexia and arthritis.

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