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Auto Blue Berry Fem

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Bloom:7-9 weeks

THC content:18-22%

Genetics:Canadian Ruderalis x Blueberry

Harvesting:8to10 weeks

Plant height:average

Productivity:350-500 grams per square. meters

Smell during flowering: strong


General characteristics

Auto Blueberry feminized cannabis seeds Auto Blueberry variety is an improved version of the original seed. In the hybrid, the basic characteristics of the ancestor were preserved, and useful properties were added that make growing much easier. The plants of the species have a compact structure consisting of a central stem and several lateral branches. As the inflorescence develops, they will acquire purple hues, providing the variety with an inimitable appearance. Auto Blueberry can be cultivated in both outdoor and indoor, but in both cases it will require care and attention.

Origin, rewards

During the development of feminized cannabis seeds of auto-flowering variety Auto Blueberry, the breeders wanted to enhance the aromatic qualities and facilitate the process of cultivation. To do this, they have long been engaged in breeding work on the crossing of Blueberry and Lowryder. They managed to cope with both tasks, and also to make the plants independent to change the photoperiod.

Taste and effect

A sweet intense berry aroma emanates from the adult bushes of Auto Blueberry, in which bright notes of blueberry stand out with vanilla tones of flowers and a sour citrus trail. Inhaling smoke, a person feels how shades of juicy blueberries with a share of grapefruit and a spicy sweet-sour aftertaste spread to taste buds. Indica dominance is clearly manifested in a powerful relaxing effect, which from the first minutes of exposure literally immobilizes the body with a lazy weight. Thoughts are cleared of negative influence and harmonious flow is saturated with tranquility.

Medical use

Cannabinoids contained in Auto Blueberry are successfully used to solve health problems such as: 

- state of depression; 

- panic attacks and stress; 

- loss of appetite and sleep; 

- pain in the limbs and joints.

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