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Bubble Gum (Feminized)

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  • Brand:: BlueMMagic Seeds
  • Type: indica/sativa
  • Productivity: 300-450 g / m²
  • Harvesting: Bloom: 56-60 days
  • Plant height: 130–170 cm

Type of grade: Sativa / indica

Productivity: 300-450 g / m²

THC content: is unknown

Plant height: 130–170 cm

Genetics: Hindu kush

Bloom: 56-60 days

Harvesting: the end of October

Odor during flowering: strong

Effect: invigorating

Taste: fruit

General characteristics

Feminized hemp seeds of the Bubble Gum variety produce unpretentious and compact seedlings, reaching a maximum height of 90 centimeters. The flowering period of the culture does not exceed 80 days. Small bushes with a small number of lateral branches have a strong structure and compact forms, which makes them the best option for indore cultivation. The cones of the hybrid are slightly elongated at the ends, which makes them similar in shape to fox tails. The buds are dense, large and very resinous.

Origin and rewards

The homeland of Bubble Gum is Indiana, located in the northeastern United States. He was later brought to the Netherlands, where he underwent a serious selection aimed at improving the effect and stabilizing the aroma. Modern feminized hemp seeds of the Bubble Gum variety produce amazingly uniform, non-capricious and resistant to adverse effects seedlings, the high quality of which has repeatedly made the hybrid the winner of the Cannabis Cup in 1995, 2005 and 2007.

Taste and effect

Every true Rastaman must at least once in his life try the charming, tarry, sticky smoke of Bubble Gum. The culture has an incredibly pleasant fruity aroma with grapefruit interspersing and a mint train, which is very similar to the taste of chewing gum. The effect of culture is a powerful rapid flow of energy that fills the mind with positive thoughts and puts the body on alert for an active pastime.

Medical use

The Bubble Gum variety is deservedly considered one of the best sativa-Indian varieties of medical cannabis. It was the balanced and harmonious combination of sativa and indian genes in the culture that provided it with outstanding healing properties. The hybrid is actively used in psychiatry to treat disorders that cannot be corrected by traditional methods, such as depression, panic attacks, attention loss syndrome, uncontrolled attacks of anger, retrograde amnesia and neurosis.

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