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CBD Critical Mass (feminised)

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Genetics: Critical Mass x S. Indian x Brazillian

Plant Type: Sativa / Indica

THC content: Low (up to 10%)

Auto Flowering : Non Auto Flowering

Productivity: High

Feminized: Femenized

Blossoming: 55-65 days

CBD Critical Mass has equal amounts of CBD and THC - 7%, which is low for THC, but very high for CBD. The winning combination introduces a stunning feeling that makes patients feel creative and focused. A large number of CBD works in conjunction with THC to add potency, and also eliminate most of the psychoactive effect for which THC is known. Thus, CBD Critical Mass cannabis seeds are ideal for those seeking purely therapeutic benefits.

In CBD, Critical Mass can be helpful in alleviating pain, whether chronic or repetitive, including migraines and headaches. The strain stimulates appetite and reduces nausea, which makes it useful for people undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, or anorexia. Relaxing qualities of stress can also relieve stress and anxiety.

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