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California sour diesel Fem

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  • Brand:: Humboldt Seeds
  • Type: Sativa
  • THC: 21+
  • Productivity: 500-600 g/m2
  • Genetics: Headband x Or
  • Harvesting: Bloom:7-9 weeks
  • Plant height: 80-150cm

THC content:21+

Type:80% Sativa

Bloom:7-9 weeks

Harvest:500-600 g/m2

Genetics:Headband x Original Sour Diesel x Sour Diesel

Plant height:80-150cm

Everything about California Sour Diesel

The California Sour Diesel is à well-known american strain that was created by crossing a Sour Diesel (BX3 version) with a HeadBand, featuring a big sativa dominance (80%), huge yields and suprinsingly, relaxing effects. 

It is worth noting that the California Sour Diesel seeds have been acquired from their F5, showing how hard Humboldt has worked for a long time to acquire these very specific characteristics in the genotype.

Effects of California Sour Diesel

The effects of California Sour Diesel are, surprisingly, quite relaxing. Its sativa dominance and THC levels (21-26%) offer a strong and intense initial high, although the calmness felt after consumption is greater than normal for a strain with so little indica genetics. It is also an ideal strain for stimulating the appetite.

In fact, the seed bank itself warns: "don't make plans throughout the day, as one of its effects is that it leaves you lying on the couch". Of course, it is not a suitable plant for beginners, as it is capable of knocking down even the most experienced smoker.

Flavour and aroma of California Sour Diesel

The flavour of California Sour Diesel is based on a combination of citrus and diesel, with clear notes of lemon. The predominance of limonene among its terpenes gives it these flavours, as well as certain medicinal properties such as being an antioxidant.

On the other hand, the smell of this variety is tremendously strong, as the Humboldt seed bank also explains on its website: "the smell of this variety hits like a tank". For this reason, it will be necessary to be strategic when positioning the plants to avoid the presence of prying eyes.

How to grow California Sour Diesel indoors

Growing California Sour Diesel indoors requires experience and knowledge of techniques such as pruning and SCROG. This plant is very vigorous, so the grow tent can become too small if you don't control the growth of the plant.

A great option, as we have mentioned, is to use the SCROG technique. A 2x2 in 11-litre pots will be enough to fill the entire screen. It is worth remembering that, in the case of sativas, it is necessary to switch to flowering when the net is approximately 50% covered, as the growth that these genetics undergo with the change to 12/12 is very large.

In short, after about 10 weeks of flowering, this variety will provide between 500 and 600 grams of flowers per square metre.

How to grow California Sour Diesel outdoors

California Sour Diesel is a plant that needs a lot of light to reach its full potential, so it should be grown in a space where the sun covers most of its structure. On the other hand, it is important to bear in mind that this plant grows vigorously, so it is essential to study in depth the ideal place to place it without attracting attention.

If we give it the right conditions and plant it in mid-spring, we will be able to harvest, after 10 weeks of flowering, between 700 and 900 grams of dense resinous buds.

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