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Candy (Auto)

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  • Brand:: BlueMMagic Seeds
  • Type: Indica
  • THC: 19-20%
  • Productivity: 500 g / m2
  • Harvesting: 70-80 days
  • Plant height: 100-120 cm

Height: 100-120 cm

THC: 19-20%

Harvest: 500 g / m2

View: Indica / Ruderalis

Flowering time: 60 days

Origin: Canada / Jamaica

Country: Canada



Sativa is known for its superiority over indica in terms of aromatic qualities. Specially for fans of the stone effect, who are interested in more unusual tastes, Divine Seeds developed a mid-sized and rather prolific Candy auto-flower based on the Jamaican indica with an exotic smell of melted sugar. Auto Candy smell is not intense during flowering; the sizes allow masking the plants behind the surrounding wild flora or, for example, discreetly grown in the garden. 

Cultivation Auto Candy

Strain was loved by many beginner growers for its convenience and low requirements for care. Indoor Auto Candy is easy to place in the grow box or on the windowsill, 2-3 bushes are easily placed in a medium-sized wardrobe. Also the task of growing Auto Candy is greatly facilitated by a faint odor. A pot in closed ground requires a volume of 10-12 liters. Do not transplant young plants. Also, stressful training methods such as pinching are contraindicated in Auto Candy, as the plants may stop developing and not achieve full growth. Squat and branched structure of bushes under normal development provides a considerable yield (for such a plant height). Harvest in the open ground - early September. 

Auto Candy Action

The soft stone effect creeps in 5-7 minutes after smoking and does not leave you for one and a half to two hours. More suitable for evening use. Helps to endure heat, overcome insomnia. Eliminates nausea and increases appetite. Pleasant caramel taste and ease in smoking make Auto Candy an extremely pleasant variety for girls. It has the properties of a light aphrodisiac. Relaxes muscles, lowers heart rate. A useful variety for controlling irritability.

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