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Chemdoging (Auto)

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  • Brand:: BlueMMagic Seeds
  • Type: indica 65%/sativa 35%
  • THC: 22.5%
  • Productivity: 90 - 120g per
  • Harvesting: 70 - 75 days -
  • Plant height: 60-90cm.

View: indica 65%/sativa 35%

Genetics: ChemD IBL (Rez) x Old School Sativa Breeding Auto

Application: Indoor / Outdoor

Height: 60-90cm.

THC: 22.5%

Flowering: 70 - 75 days - Full cycle

Harvest: 90 - 120g per plant.

The definition of connoisseur quality automatics! After years of intense research and trials, we have released our interpretation of Chemdog turned automatic! Chemdogging was one of the first conceptions to creating new lines of elite auto flowering strains. She is a cross of a larger sativa dominant auto and a choice Chemdog D IBL parent selected from seed now inbred to F6. Chemdogging took two generations more of breeding and trials in order to find the perfect male and female phenotypes at every stage to finally bring the resulting strain to market, as with all of our strains the priority is carefully selecting for the photoperiod parent traits. She has been used as the parent to multiple strains that have made up our catalogue over the years, such as our Artisanal Cosmic Queen and Creme-de-la-Chem, as well as Limited Editions such as Chem City Blues and White Chem.

Strain behavior and structure:

Chemdogging is a medium sized variety, forming a nice bushy x-mas tree structure after an average veg/stretch stage. She isn’t lanky , with medium sized internodes. Being medium in size the cycle time is also one in the medium range. Her potency is on another level, hard hitting and long lasting, customer tests have come back at 22.5% THC. With a heavy influence of the legendary qualities Chemdog in photo-period format is known for across the globe. Chemdogging is a suitable candidate for training and also can be grown indoors or outdoors with relative ease.

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