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Early Skunk (Feminized)

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Genetics:60% Indica / 35% Sativa

Parents:Skunk 1 + Early Pearl

THC content: 10-15%

CBD: 0.1%

Bloom: 50-55 days

Harvest: 300-500 g / m2

Plant height: 150-200 cm

Feminized early skunk cannabis seeds produce feminine plants with an inimitable appearance. Tall and downed bushes, resemble cypress trees in their structure. Their main stem is thickly overgrown with strong buds of cones and covered with sharp thin foliage. Active growth and production of resin displays an indiscriminate effect on Early Skunk. A lot of tetrahydrocannabinol is concentrated in its resin. Sativa is manifested in the rapid formation of inflorescences and the effect of their use. Among its family, the hybrid is considered one of the fastest-flowering.

Origin and rewards

The purpose of the creation of Early Skunk was to provide opportunities for growing real skunk to cannabis farmers who live in countries with a short summer season and a temperate continental climate. The breeders managed to achieve this goal during the selection manipulation of the original Skunk # 1 and the first-class Early Pearl. High-class work is reflected in the fact that with the main signs of the first strain the plants have a faster development model, just like the second one. After certain works with hermaphroditic individuals, feminized cannabis seeds of the Early Skunk variety appeared, which in 99% of cases produce only female bushes. The hybrid was not left unattended and on cannabis cups, won many prestigious places. For example, he won the High Life Cup 2004 in the “Outdoor Cup” and “Super Cup” nominations. Later in 2006,

Taste and effect

The taste of heavy smoke contains the same intense notes of sweet spices with the intriguing sharpness of red pepper as its family. The classic sweet-spicy scent will envelop Early Skunk bushes. The effect is reflected in the physical and mental sensations of warm, sublime feelings combined with a powerful stone stone of indica. Consciousness will arrive in a positive disposition, and thought processes will be removed from the burden of negative and stress.

Medical use

Early Skunk ranked among the best medical varieties of cannabis due to the presence of healing properties that allow it to be used against such problems as:


- cramps;

- numbness;

- loss of appetite;


physiological pain.

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