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Euforia (Auto)

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  • Brand:: Dutch Passion
  • Type: Mostly Sativa
  • THC: 18%
  • Productivity: 500gr / m2
  • Harvesting: 75-90 days

 General characteristics

Feminized hemp seeds Euforia is a wonderful planting material, produced by the best breeders, true professionals of the crossing and manipulation of the genetic code. Thanks to their efforts, the variety has several advantages that place it on its head above a multitude of older and imperfect strains. Euforia is fully consistent with its name, as its cultivation, and the subsequent use is a real pleasure, bordering on euphoria.

Origin and rewards

For the breeding of this variety, the breeders used the original Skunk and crossed it with several lesser-known sativa varieties, as well as with Afghan indica. Then, with the plants, we carried out typical manipulations on the feminization of inoculum, and as a result received feminized hemp seeds of the Euforia variety, a high-quality planting material that can perfectly suit absolutely any grower. No wonder this strain has received several of the most serious awards in the world of cannabis. In particular: 

Highlife 2002 victory 

Second place in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2002 

Taste and effect

Even an experienced and familiar with many varieties of cannabis Rastaman this variety can cause real delight, the name Euforia has been appropriated to a variety for a reason. The effect of the hybrid is quite a powerful high, which can penetrate even a person with a developed tolerance. The taste qualities of the strainer are quite unusual, albeit on the amateur. 

Medical application

As is well known, the use of a hive in medical practice can be truly extensive. Euforia is no exception. It can prevent the development of some serious neurological ailments, such as multiple sclerosis, senile dementia and Alzheimer's disease. It is also quite effective in the fight against epileptic seizures and can re

Variety type: Indica / Sativa 

Genetics: Skunk Hybrids 

Flowering: 60-70 days 

Content of THC: 18% 

Yield: 500gr / m2 

Harvest: end of October - beginning of November 

Plant height: average 

Odor during flowering: average 

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