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Gagarin (Auto)

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  • Brand:: BlueMMagic Seeds
  • Type: indica
  • THC: 31%
  • Productivity: up to 500 gram
  • Harvesting: Up to 10 weeks
  • Plant height: 90 - 130 cm

Height: 90 - 130 cm

THC: 31%

Harvest: up to 500 grams / m2

View: Primarily indica

Flowering: Up to 10 weeks

Effect: Extremely powerful, soothing, stone

Genetics: Jamaican, Hawaiian, Afghan

Country: Jamaica



Champion Auto Gagarin is the result of bold Bob Marley Seeds breeders' project to create the perfect marijuana strain. What is a wonderful cannabis plant? The smell of essential oils and medicinal properties, also unpretentiousness and beautiful appearance. Breeders crossed the most psychoactive varieties of Jamaican and Hawaiian sativa with a hybrid of several Afghan varieties specially developed for this case. The resulting variety produces resinous and dense plants, yielding, interesting in appearance and with a rare coffee aroma.

Cultivation Auto Gagarin 

It does not cause difficulties and is not subject to whims, is resistant to mold and insect parasites. Indoors, 1 plant Gagarin needs a pot with a volume of 12-14 liters, as well as lighting at least 100 watts. Do not transplant plants, this can slow down or stop their development. Suitable methods of training LST and ScroG, pruning plants is not recommended. From the appearance of the shoot to flowering, about a month passes - during this time Gagarin gains mass and branches, after which flower ovaries are shown and bushes begin to overgrow with inflorescences. In a closed ground, it is important to aerate the room where Auto Gagarin grows, not allowing the air to stagnate, because in thick stakes, standing air can provoke mold. Outdoor harvesting occurs in early September. 

Auto Gagarin Effect

It’s important not to go too far. Avto Gagarin’s heavy stone lands some users, sends others to space to explore the depths of black holes. The condition lasts up to 3 hours. The concentration of cannabinoids in these inflorescences is extremely high, strong relaxation simply does not leave a person neither strength nor random access memory to negative. Any stress, overwork, irritation melt away like icicles in the warm tsunami of the Gagarin parish. For medical purposes it is useful as a painkiller, antispasmodic, sedative, lowers blood pressure and fights insomnia, appetite disorders. Designed for evening use.

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