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Golosa Feminized

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  • Brand:: Delicious Seeds
  • Type: 80% Indica/20% Sativa
  • THC: 26%
  • Productivity: 550 g/m2
  • Genetics: Bay 11 x Grap
  • Harvesting: Flowering: 55-60
  • Plant height: 100cm-140cm

THC: 26%
Genotype: 80% Indica/20% Sativa
Genetics: Bay 11 x Grapefruit x Blueberry
Indoor flowering: 55-60 days
Indoor yield: 550 g/m2
Indoor height:100cm-140cm
Outdoor yield: 700-1000 g/plant
Outdoor harvest time: late September
Brand:Delicious Seeds

Delicious Seeds' Golosa fem cannabis variety was launched in 2018. It is an indica-dominant hybrid characterized by unpretentiousness, high yield rates, fast flowering period and powerful knockout effect. The THC level in his buds reaches 26%. This makes Golosa an ideal option for those who want to experience a sea of ​​new sensations and experiences. And while beginners can handle growing it too, the powerful psychoactive effect can play a cruel joke on them.

Growing cannabis varieties Golosa
Golosa cannabis seeds grow into small, lush shrubs with short internodes. They have many minor shoots of short length, which during flowering are completely overgrown with dense, resinous inflorescences. By the end of the life cycle, the leaves of the hybrid acquire a black color, which is why they acquire a special mystical charm.

The variety does well both indoors and outdoors. The maximum growth of bushes rarely exceeds 1.5 m. The plants do not require special attention to themselves, and therefore the variety is ideal for beginner growers. Strong immunity protects it from the most common diseases and molds, which makes it possible to grow Golosa in high humidity conditions. It responds well to a variety of growth control and yield techniques including ScrOG, LST, topping, fiming, mainline and supercropping.

Due to its resistance to negative environmental factors and rapid flowering, the Golosa cannabis variety can be grown outdoors in the central and southern part of the temperate climatic zone of Russia. The bushes can withstand drops and low temperatures, bringing the harvest in the second half of September. Their flowering period according to the passport lasts 55-60 days, however, small delays are possible outdoors. The growth of the bushes can easily reach their maximum level, producing about 1 kg of buds. But this indicator can be achieved only with balanced feeding. The average yield of the variety is 300-700 g / bush.

Indoors, the Golosa marijuana variety only shows its best side. Its full potential for yields is revealed when using the LST or ScrOG techniques. The plant forms a variety of lush flowers that give off a rich aroma that can only be neutralized with a charcoal filter.

To plant a plant, you need a pot with a volume of 10-20 liters. The humidity should be kept between 40-60% and the temperature between 22 and 27 degrees. At night, a decrease of up to 18 degrees is allowed. For lighting, it is better to use HPS or LED lamps with a power of 250-600 W. The growth of bushes, as a rule, is in the range of 60-90 cm, and the yield reaches 300-800 g / bush. Using various growing techniques, quality fertilizers, growth and flowering stimulants, you can harvest up to 1.5 kg of cones.

Double pleasure
Golosa buds bring double pleasure. The first is a rich flavor and aroma, which is a mix of notes of green tea, thyme, mango, licorice, coffee and grapefruit. The palette is very wide and original.

The second delight is the knockout stone effect. He instantly lays the body on the sofa, and the mind transfers it somewhere to a parallel world, where peace and tranquility reign. It is the ideal strain for relaxing breaks, stress relief and pain relief.

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