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Northern Lights (Feminized)

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  • Brand:: Green House Seeds
  • Type: Indica, Sativa hybrid
  • THC: 15-20%
  • Productivity: 350-500 g / m2
  • Harvesting: Flowering: 7-9 we
  • Plant height: up to a meter


Facts about the variety

Variety type: Indica, Sativa hybrid

Flowering: 7-9 weeks

Content of THC: 15-20%

Yield: 350-500 g / m2

Genetics: Afgani, Haze

Harvest: end of October

Plant height: up to a meter in indore

Odor during flowering: very weak General characteristics


Feminized cannabis seeds of the Northern Lights variety are the best choice for the cultivation of any type. Of them grow only female plants with identical indicators of development and yield, giving a predictable culture, which will cope even inexperienced grower. The structure of the bushes allows the light to evenly disperse over the entire surface, which allows the variety to produce large buds of cones impregnated with a large number of cannabinoids. Like many classic types, Northern Lights are covered in a thick layer of sticky resin. Origin and rewards



It is rumored that the source Northern Lights line was developed in the Seattle district (Washington, USA) in the 1970s. Because of the drug war at the time in America, he was transported to the Netherlands, where local breeders brought his genetics to stabilization and brought cannabis to the market in 1985. The genotype of feminized hemp seeds of the Northern Lights variety goes to the indigenous Afghan indica, which gave it a number of excellent qualities. Taste and effect



Northern Lights' stunning aromatic properties are manifested in the smell of ripe orange and grapefruit emanating from the bushes with soft hints of spicy hashish. The taste of strong smoke proudly declares its origin in the tart-sweet tones of classical indica. After a short period of time, warm waves of relaxation will disperse throughout the body, and the mind envelops the universal calm. Thoughts are saturated with positive influence with creative direction. Medical Use The diverse effect of Northern Lights has a positive effect on a person’s well-being, helping him get rid of such problems as:





    insomnia or narcolepsy;

    muscle spasms;

    physical pain;

    panic attacks and stress;



Cultivating features

Feminized cannabis seeds of the Northern Lights variety remain unrivaled, as they are guaranteed to be raised by female individuals who are able to adapt to different environments. They show excellent yield when using advanced cultivation methods, as well as suitable for any type of substrate. The average height of the Northern Lights is another plus, thanks to its compact size, even a cannabis driver who does not have a lot of free space can enjoy the variety

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