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Sugar black rose (Auto)

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Crossing: Critical Mass AUTO x Black Domina 98 Auto 

Growing methods: indoors / in the soil 

Maturation time (indoors): 45-55 days 

Maturation time (in the soil): Automatic 45-55 days 

Productivity: 450-500 gr ./m? indoors, 80 g. / in the soil from the bush. 

Taste: Mature grapes and Skunk flavored flowers. 

Odor: Fruit / sweet / citrus 

Effect: Narcotic / relaxing 

THC: 18% 

Therapeutic value: Very high

uto Sugar Black Rose fem obtained by crossing Auto Critical Mass x Auto Black Domina 98. Indoors, the adult plant of this variety has a low, strongly developed stem. When growing Auto Sugar Black Rose fem in open ground or in large flower pots in the fresh air, the stem of the plant reaches a sufficient length. Near the soil itself, it branches repeatedly, with numerous shoots moving in different directions, which in turn branch out repeatedly. The whole plant takes the form of a hemisphere. All of the above speaks for the compactness and high performance of this gem.

During all the productivity of life, this plant has a special potential. The shoots have a fruity fragrance resembling the smell of oranges and other citrus fruits. It turns out really great taste Skunk, with the taste of ripe grapes. When applied, we can feel the tart and sweet taste at the same time. 

The effect of the Auto Sugar Black Rose fem is instant and very long. It is almost narcotic and very quickly a deep state of relaxation is felt. It is recommended for medical use and for fans of indica, causes good brain stimulation. 

In very cold climates, this is an attractive alternative for this culture. In a Mediterranean or warmer climate, with proper plant care, the crop is usually taken two or three per season. 

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