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Exodus Cheese (Auto)

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Variety type: Indica 50% / Sativa 30% / Ruderalis 20% 

Genetics: Original Cheese Strain 

Flowering: 7-9 weeks 

Content of THC: 14-20% 

Harvest: 10 weeks from seed, in open ground up to 12 weeks 

Plant height: not high

General characteristics

The feminized cannabis seeds of the Auto Exodus Cheese auto-flowering variety have a rapid pace of development, affecting growers with a short flowering. Strain has strong branching. Unlike his close relatives, the main cola does not form on top of the plant. The shrubs of this variety have lush forms and a rather dense structure, so for the normal formation of the fruit they need high-quality and regular thinning to improve the light transmission. Since the strain is autoflowering, the height of the plants is small, which facilitates this procedure. Auto Exodus Cheese produces huge, enviable yields. In general, this is more of an Indore variety, but thanks to auto flowering, it can be grown even in areas with a short summer. 


Genetically, Auto Exodus Cheese comes from Cheese Sweet and Fast Bud Clone # 2. Initially, the hybrid is derived using the cloning technique. Since the feminized marijuana seeds of the auto-flowering variety Exodus Cheese are quite whimsical, they need careful implementation of the growing technology, in case you are not ready to provide such care to him, it may be better to choose another strain.

Taste and effect

Stunning cones Auto Exodus Cheese have a rich aroma of fruit with subtle earthy-forest notes. They also have a powerful effect, which is easy to characterize: it is an extremely long growing stone, permanently depriving any desire to move.

Medical use

Among specialists in countries with legalized medical cannabis, this strain is quite popular. He is able to quickly increase his appetite, as well as help cope with insomnia and depression. In addition, due to the powerful anesthetic effect, its use for symptomatic treatment is extremely effective in multiple sclerosis, bronchial asthma and Crohn's disease.

Features of growing

In order for Auto Exodus Cheese to delight Grover with its low, bushy plants, generously covered with cones, you will need to try a little. The feminized marijuana seeds of the auto-flowering variety Exodus Cheese will reveal their potential only in excellent conditions. To do this, they need a normal pH of the soil, close to 6.5, as well as good regular watering and high-quality lighting.

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