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Sweet Tooth (Auto)

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  • Brand:: Barneys Farm
  • Type: Indica/Sativa
  • THC: 16%
  • Productivity: 200 grams per
  • Harvesting: 2-2.5 months
  • Plant height: 50-60 cm

The feminized cannabis seeds of the auto-flowering variety Auto Sweet Tooth are highly resistant to mold, which allows them to be cultivated at low ambient temperatures and in conditions of high humidity. The original appearance of the plants gives an abundance of side branches, covered with lots of dense dark green leaves and heavy lush dark lilac buds, emit a thick sticky resin. During flowering, Auto Sweet Tooth fruits emit a subtle, barely perceptible scent of wild flowers and freshly cut grass. Origin

The genetic mix of seedlings that give feminized cannabis seeds to the auto-flowering variety Auto Sweet Tooth includes not only the genes of popular cannabis varieties, but also the genes of plants of the genus Ruderalis, which automatically start flowering of the crop. As part of the hybrid, indisputably, indica dominates, as evidenced by the structure of the bushes and the powerful effect of the hybrid. The species includes genes from different parts of the world: Central and Southeast Asia, Canada and North America. Taste and effect

Indica’s dominance in Auto Sweet Tooth gave the culture a powerful sedative effect accompanied by a slight euphoria. Dense resinous cones of the species emit a charming berry-blueberry aroma that raises a storm of emotions and pleasant memories in the soul. The variety is great for friendly conversation and romantic encounters, as it significantly increases the sharpness of feelings and activates brain processes. Medical use of Auto Sweet Tooth is distinguished by its high content of THC, which allows it to be used for medical purposes to eliminate pain, relieve muscular and emotional tension, and treat all forms of insomnia.

Variety type: Indica \ Ruderalis 

Blossoming: 60-65 days 

Content of THC: 16% 

Crop: 200 grams per plant 

Genetics: Sweet Tooth x Ruderalis / Indica 

Harvest: 2-2.5 months 

Plant height: 50-60 cm General characteristics

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