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Kali Mist (Auto )

Availability: In Stock
  • Brand:: BlueMMagic Seeds
  • Type: Sativa
  • THC: high
  • Productivity: high
  • Harvesting: 13 - 14 weeks
  • Plant height: average

Variety type: Predominantly Sativa 

Blossoming: 70 - 80 days 

Content of THC: high 

Yield: high 

Genetics: Sativa x Ruderalis genetics 

Harvest: 13 - 14 weeks 

Plant height: average 

General characteristics

The feminized cannabis seeds of the auto-flowering variety Kali Mist are excellently suited for indore cultivation, as growing in closed ground allows them to reach their full potential. However, outdoor lovers can also indulge in the pleasure of growing this hybrid, as it can show real wonders of productivity in the open air. Plants are covered with a relatively small number of leaves and a variety of buds that are uniformly formed throughout the bush. Sprouts begin to grow rapidly after transferring the culture to the light cycle, equal to 12/12. 


Auto Kali Mist - one of the best classic sativa varieties of all known to date. It contains 2 Sativa Dominant Hybrids, which also confirms the high quality of the crop and makes its shoots as stable as possible. Hybrid bred by crossing the classic variety with the best plants belonging to the ruderalis glorious lineup. In principle, the variety is not particularly demanding, but at the same time, like most sativa crops, it needs to be given proper attention and care. In general, feminized cannabis seeds of the auto-flowering variety Kali Mist are the most suitable planting material for those who want to thoroughly study all the details of cannabis cultivation. 

Taste and effect

Auto Kali Mist's delightful spicy aroma is complemented by charming notes of sandalwood and ripe fruit, making it attractive to many marijuana connoisseurs. Culture has a strong invigorating effect, accompanied by pronounced euphoria. After taking the hybrid, you are guaranteed a great mood, increased brain activity and vitality. 

Medical use

Experienced hemp drivers know that Auto Kali Mist has a wide range of therapeutic effects, and this allows it to be used for the treatment of many serious diseases. Culture helps to stabilize the condition of patients who suffer from autism, epilepsy, glaucoma, ulcerative colitis and bronchial asthma.

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