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Lemon Skunk Fem

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  • Brand:: Spanna Seeds
  • Type: Sativa
  • THC: high
  • Productivity: 400-500 g \ m2
  • Genetics: Skunk №1 x Le
  • Harvesting: Blossoming: 8-9 w
  • Plant height: high

Variety type: Predominantly Sativa
Blossoming: 8-9 weeks
Content of THC: high
Yield: 400-500 g \ m2
Genetics: Skunk №1 x Lemon
Harvest: mid-October
Plant height: high General characteristics

Feminized cannabis seeds of the Lemon Skunk variety are distinguished by a slightly delayed vegetation period, but at the same time, they never give their owner any trouble. Do not be afraid of the slow development of sprouts, as the sativa beginning will take its own and the culture will necessarily compensate for the lost time by intensive growth during the flowering period. Graceful light green leaves and fruits form on the charming Lemon Skunk bushes, which are covered with the finest lace web of delicious orange trichomes that generously produce a sea of ??fragrant resin. Origin

In the genetics of Lemon Skunk there are genes of varieties that are considered the best representatives of cannabis: Skunk and Citral. Strong sativa genes rigorously pull shoots up, but their open structure provides excellent light penetration even to the lower branches, which significantly increases the yield of the hybrid. Feminized cannabis seeds of the Lemon Skunk variety sprout, displaying a graceful, sativa style: they retain their charming light green leaf color until harvest time. Taste and effect

The basis of the unique flavor of Lemon Skunk are the classic lemon and skunk notes that make the smell of the culture more than easily recognizable. Special respect deserves a powerful balanced high-effect, which significantly increases brain and physical activity, accompanied by a feeling of deep relaxation. Reception of culture promotes increase of sociability and wit. Medical use Modern medicine highly appreciated the healing qualities of Lemon Skunk. The hybrid perfectly relieves pain and migraine attacks, relieves muscle spasm and returns healthy sleep. In addition, the variety can be used in the treatment of bronchial asthma, autism, anorexia and glaucoma. Features of growing

Even inexperienced hemp growers will be able to grow feminized hemp seeds of the Lemon Skunk variety, which will be promoted by the high adaptive abilities of the culture and its amazing simplicity.

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