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Lord Kush Fem

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  • Brand:: Delicious Seeds
  • Type: Indica
  • THC: 26%
  • Productivity: 700gr/m2
  • Genetics: Death Star x
  • Harvesting: Bloom:7-8 weeks
  • Plant height: 70-160cm

THC content:26%


Bloom:7-8 weeks


Genetics:Death Star x Head Band

Plant height:70-160cm

This indica-dominant powerhouse will take you for a wild ride. Made in collaboration with DJ Lord from Public Enemy, the euphoric state induced by these buds makes music sound better than ever before. If you enjoy something heavy and hard-hitting during the evenings, you need to give Lord Kush a chance.

Lord Kush displays many traits typical of indica-dominant varieties, yet stands taller than most of her counterparts. For this reason, she also churns out a seriously respectable yield. This potent variety inherited her high levels of THC and impressive productivity from two stellar parent strains. Her breeders selected Unknown Kush to endow the progeny with plump flowers, tastes of citrus, and a body-slamming high. The second parent strain derives from a cross between Death Star and Head Band—two indica-dominant titans that rose to fame in the United States.

Lord Kush differs from many of her indica counterparts when it comes to height. Left to her own devices, she’ll peak at 250cm. This size makes her more suitable for large indoor grow tents or outdoor settings. However, those with less space indoors can apply training techniques such as topping and LST to limit her size.

Overall, Lord Kush forms a dense canopy with plenty of lateral branching. Cultivated under good lights, she’ll churn out 700g/m² after a flowering time of 50–55 days. Plants grown outdoors under plenty of sun can achieve fantastic yields of up to 1200g/plant. Prepare enough stash jars to store this bounty following harvest in late September or early October.

Lord Kush lands a heavy blow. Her THC content of 26% immediately takes hold of the body. Expect to spend the next few hours sunk into the couch. She makes a perfect evening choice when looking to completely relax and enter your own little world for a while. Enjoy her delicious tastes of citrus and sweetness with every hit.

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