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Mighty grape Fem

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  • Brand:: FREEDOM
  • Type: INDICA
  • THC: 18-22%
  • CBD: 1
  • Productivity: 450g/m2
  • Genetics: Dynamite x Gr
  • Harvesting: bloom:7-8 weeks
  • Plant height: 80-140cm


Flowering:7-8 weeks

THC content: 18-22%


Genetics: Dynamite x Grapefruit

Plant Height :80-140cm

Mighty Grape feminised from Freedom of Seeds is a stable Indica cross of the two most delicious genetics: Dynamite and Grapefruit. Mighty Grape typically creates one main long-fat central cola and delivers heavy yields in only 45 – 50 days of flowering time indoors. She is our fastest strain with the highest commercial yields in such a short time. Buds of Mighty Grape are solid and compact. Although the flowers are heavy, the plant is so strong, that she requires little or no support. Mighty Grape does not have any special requirements for nutrients. In fact, she is so easy to grow that we recommend her to novice growers.

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