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Northern Lights (Auto)

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  • Brand:: BlueMMagic Seeds
  • Type: 80% Indica
  • THC: 16%
  • CBD: 1%
  • Productivity: 600gr.m2
  • Harvesting: 75 days full cycl
  • Plant height: 70 - 100cm

Type of product: 80% Indica
Genetics: Afghan Indica
Blossoming: 75 days full cycle.
Height: 70 - 100cm
THC: 16%
CBN: 0.4%
CBD: -1%
Yield: 600gr.m2 (With 600W light)
Effect: powerful.

Now, along with Auto Northern Lights, the legendary Afghan Indica is available as a blooming auto variety.
For decades, the original Northern Lights genotype has been known as a source for industry professionals and amateur growers (NL # 1, NL # 2 and NL # 5), influencing the emergence of such important hybrids as NL 5x2, Shiva Skunk, Hash Plant, Silver Pearl and Northern Lights # 5 x Haze.
Auto Northern Lights is derived from the same robust genetics, breeding NL # 5 and NL # 2 with the best feminized auto blooming Indica, and is stabilized by backcrossing with NL parents.
In closed or open ground, Auto Northern Lights completes a full cycle in 11 weeks.
Flowering usually begins after 20-25 days from germination, and regardless of the photo-period lasts from 50 to 60 days.
Auto Northern Lights usually have a height in the range of 70-90 cm at the time of harvest.
Auto Northern Lights continues the classic line of ancestors, gives fast, dense yields, with a surprisingly low odor when flowering. Despite this, the inflorescences smell sweet, richly covered with THC-rich trichomes and have a surprisingly powerful effect

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