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Power Plant (Feminized)

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  • Brand:: Dutch Passion
  • Type: Sativa90%
  • THC: 15%
  • Productivity: up to 600 g /
  • Harvesting: Blossoming: 8 wee
  • Plant height: up to 1.5m in indore

Facts about the variety

Variety type: Sativa dominates (about 90%)

Blossoming: 8 weeks

Content of THC: 15%

Crop: up to 600 g / m2 in open ground

Genetics: South African

Harvest: mid-October

Plant height: up to 1.5m in indore and 2.5m in open ground

Odor during flowering: not strong


General characteristics

Regular hemp seeds of the Power Plant variety are a stable variety that will delight you with an excellent harvest even for beginners. The hybrid is designed for home cultivation, however, and when cultivated on open ground, it will show an excellent result. To control the height, experts advise using pinching or hemming of the central cola and lateral branches. A huge plus is the fact that despite the generous side branching, the hybrid is covered with a small amount of leaves, which greatly simplifies the care of the bushes and the harvest.


The original Power Plant was created in 1997, and specialists used an unknown South African sativa variety to breed it. Strain was not crossed with other species, and by inbreeding its characteristics were perfected. If it were not for the 10% indica present in the strain genotype, then regular hemp seeds of the Power Plant variety would be included in the group of the purest sativa varieties.

Taste and effect

In the sweet and sour flavor of the Power Plant, a sprinkling of spices and sandalwood is clearly audible. Gentle and light smoke will give you a mad charge of energy, accompanied by a pleasant euphoria. It seems that the hybrid effect was specially created for active pastime: fun get-togethers with friends and noisy parties, as it drives away fatigue and gives a great mood.

Medical use

Experts say that Power Plant is one of the best sativa varieties of medical marijuana. His powerful therapeutic potential was appreciated by the employees of psychiatric hospitals, who actively use it to restore the mental balance of their wards. Also, the hybrid is considered an excellent remedy for depression, autism, Alzheimer's disease, but you should not use it as a sleeping pill, as having received a powerful energy message, you can hardly close your eyes for even 5 minutes.

Features of growing

Regular hemp seeds of the Power Plant variety are non-capricious and will be pleased with the simplest care. The hybrid will not deliver any hassle to both experienced and novice growers, as it does not require rigorous monitoring of the pH or EU water, lighting level and frequency of irrigation. He calmly reacts to overfeeding or lack of fertilizers, and also has a powerful immunity against mold infection, fungal and rot. If you feel that you are not yet ready to grow capricious varieties, then turn your attention to Power Plant, as its docile disposition and resistance to stress will serve as a reliable guarantee of its record-breaking performance.

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