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Purple (Auto)

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  • Brand:: BlueMMagic Seeds
  • Type: indica/sativa
  • THC: 18%
  • Productivity: 30–120 g per p
  • Harvesting: 70–80 days
  • Plant height: 40-100 cm

Type of grade: Indica / sativa

Productivity: 30–120 g per plant

THC content: 18%

Plant height: 40-100 cm

Genetics: Purple x ruderalis

Bloom: 67 days

Harvesting: 70–80 days

Effect: Relaxing

Taste: Berry

Purple is an autoflowering, feminized, individual sativa variety. The percentage is 65% Sativa and 20% Indica. The genetics of this variety is simple - the original Purple variety was crossed with Lowryder. Purple is perfect for beginners and those people who have limited space. It is compact, painted in purple, due to which it got its name. It has a delicious aroma of grape juice and berries, as well as the sweet smell of licorice.

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