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Purple Kush (Auto)

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  • Brand:: BlueMMagic Seeds
  • Type: Indica / sativa
  • THC: 18%
  • Productivity: 80–110 g per p
  • Harvesting: 77–90 days
  • Plant height: 90–125 cm

Grade Type:Indica / sativa

Bloom:56–70 days

THC content:18%

Harvest:80–110 g per plant

Genetics:Purple Haze x Hindu Kush Hybrid

Harvesting:77–90 days

Plant height:90–125 cm

The effect:relaxing

General characteristics

Auto Purple Kush feminized cannabis seeds show stable germination and dynamic growth of exclusively female genus. They develop a lush bushy structure and extend to a height of one meter. On the branches among the fan of leaves there will be large buds of purple inflorescences with contrasting orange stigmas. Purple shades on leaves and cones in combination with a thick layer of resin give Auto Purple Kush a special shine and charm. Its compact size is ideal for indore cultivation in grow boxes and cupboards. In open ground, it also grows well and manages to yield crops even in regions with a short summer period.

Origin and rewards

The variety was developed in the vicinity of Auckland in California, where for more than a dozen years they have been engaged in the construction and breeding of culture. Srein was bred by crossing the original Afghan indica Purple Afghani and the old Hindu Kush. Over time, breeders have developed an autoflowering version due to the intersection with Lowryder. Autoflowering Auto Purple Kush feminized hemp seed gene pool originates on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan amid the sheer nature of the Hindu Kush mountain range. From there came the most important and valuable types of cannabis, which formed the basis of many modern strain.

Taste and effect

Gourmets will appreciate the strong oil smoke with the original taste of natural indica with sweet hints of spices and tart herbs. From the bushes Auto Purple Kush will come a classic fragrance with light grape-fruity tones and a land-scan trail. After the first puff, the body will be covered with stone sensations of deep relaxation, while the consciousness will feel an emotional uplift. Such an effect makes the variety ideal for evening consumption in order to release the negative accumulated during the day and gently leave for the valley of dreams.

Medical use

The healing effect of Auto Purple Kush is valued in medicine and is used to alleviate common problems such as:


anxiety conditions;





muscle and joint pain;



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