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Critical Jack Herer (Auto)

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Harvest: 400g / m2 indoor, + 80g outdoors
Flowering: 65 - 70 days - Full cycle
THC: 18%
Height: 70-100cm.
Application: Indoor / Outdoor
Auto-blooming SativaGenetics: Auto Critical Mass x Auto Jack Herer
Auto Critical Jack Herer fem has a sweet aroma of incense, and after the fragrance becomes even stronger. This variety is instant and powerful, and causes a significant effect on the brain, a very pleasant sensation. At first, it can be euphoric, with laughter and a desire to talk and walk. Subsequently, the effect becomes more relaxing.
In auto blooming varieties, stress causes flowering, so that this plant can fully realize its potential in optimal conditions. Because of this, it is preferable not to transplant and enter the required amount of substrate. Indoors only about 7 liters, and outside it does not need more than 11. This variety is vigorous and strong in growth since its inception. After 15-20 days from germination, the appearance of the first flowers is seen. The plant will continue to grow for several days and may double or triple its height. Usually reaches maturity from 65 to 70 days from germination. Due to abundant branching, it is a very productive plant.
The result is a fast-flowering plant.   
Auto Critical Jack Herer fem is the cross of two auto flowering plants which is obtained from special clones: Auto Critical Mass and Auto Jack Herer.

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