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Somango (Feminized)

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  • Brand:: Spanna Seeds
  • Type: Mostly Indica
  • THC: High
  • Harvesting: Flowering: 9-10 w
  • Plant height: Medium

Facts about the variety

Type varieties: mostly Indica

Flowering: 9-10 weeks

THC content: High

Yield: Medium

Genetics: Super Skunk x Big Skunk Korean x Jack Herer

harvest: end of September

Height of plant: average General characteristics feminized seeds Somango hemp varieties will grow bushy, pleasant smelling female bushes. This strain admires with its taste and aromatic qualities, but also the appearance of the plants will bring aesthetic pleasure. The genetic mixture gave it a mild effect with a high content of THC. I want to watch and care for Somango as often as possible, but another plus is that it does not require it. Just by providing it with comfortable conditions, you will be rewarded with significant crops.


The origin and rewards of

Somango are a mixture of the genetics of the Jack Herer and Big Skunk varieties with the addition of autoflowering properties. The original name was Soma # 5, but due to the rich taste of the mango, it was changed into a more attractive one. The breeders did an excellent job and now we can enjoy this wonderful plant. Taste and effect



Somango is one of the most fragrant and tasty varieties that now exist. It's hard not to love him, because lush light green bushes exude a heavenly blend of citrus, nuts and fresh mint flavors. Swallowing smoke Somango, if you bite off a juicy piece of ripe mango, washed down with ginger lemonade. The effect covers with a transparent veil of calm and euphoria, soaking up the body with toning energy. Somango is suitable for use at any time of the day. Under its action, you can enjoy both active and passive recreation. Medical Use Theunobtrusiveness of Somango's properties makes it one of the best medicines against: depression; panic attacks; stress; bipolar disorder; physical pain. Features of growing



Somango feminized cannabis seeds are excellent for cultivating the indor type using organic fertilizers. More experienced growers can easily achieve good results in outdoor. It is also worth watching the growth, which would be time to tie the side branches, if necessary.


White widow fem



Facts about the variety

Variety type: Sativa \ Indica

Blossoming: 8 weeks

Content of THC: 19%

Crop: 800-900 g \ m2

Genetics: Brazilian x South Indian

Harvest: end of September

Plant height: 60-100 cm



An old school variety that needs no introduction. In 1995, he became the champion, taking first place at the Bio HTCC (Bio High Times Cannabis Cup). The effect of White Widow is very complex, but pleasant, fast-acting - a relaxing feeling transmitted from the indica, which smoothly flows into the shock wave of the Sativa. A very strong plant that perfectly resists mold and produces an enormous amount of THC resin.

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