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Super Skunk (Auto)

Availability: In Stock
  • Brand:: Spanna Seeds
  • Type: Mostly Indica
  • THC: 17%
  • Productivity: 125g from a pl
  • Harvesting: 65-75 days
  • Plant height: 120-150 cm.

The first thing to say about Auto Super Skunk feminised is his accomplishments. He didn’t take high places at various Cannabis Cup titles, including winning gold once, and this year he won first place at the High Life Cup 2012. In general, this variety is 80% indica. The plant itself is not high and compact, despite the fact that it produces large Coke. Super Skunk cones are sweet, thickly coated with resin and have a serious effect in them - a sharp, powerful, penetrating and giving the body a long feeling of petrification.

Variety type: Indica, Ruderalis 

Blossoming: 45-55 days 

Content of THC: 17% 

Crop: 125g from a plant 

Genetics: Indica / Ruderalis genetics

Plant height: 120-150 cm.

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