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Think Big (Auto)

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Type: Auto flowering Sativa

Genetics:  Think Different

Application: Indoor / Outdoor

Height:  150 cm.

THC: High

Flowering: 13-14 weeks - Full cycle

Harvest: XXL

Think Big® is a new high-yielding, auto-feminized hemp variety, based on the legendary variety Think Different.

Think Big® was created by selecting several XXL special Think variety plants from hundreds of plants grown from seeds and using them as the genetic basis for Think Big®.

The height of Think Big® can reach more than 1.5 m - higher than Think Different.

In addition, these autofeminised plants begin to bloom in about two weeks.

The two or three additional weeks that the Think Big® variety requires for full maturity provide a very high yield, of course, if this variety is grown with love.

This variety usually produces a very large amount of resin.

In addition, it has a strong effect characteristic of Sativa.

The taste of the variety has shades of citrus, lemon and incense.

Harvesting is usually carried out in 13-14 weeks after seed germination.

Plants produce a high yield, both when grown indoors and outdoors.

We have brought this beautiful auto-flowering genetics to a whole new level!

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