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X.Treme (Auto)

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  • Brand:: Dutch Passion
  • Type: Sativa
  • THC: 15–20%
  • Productivity: 150-200 g per
  • Harvesting: 70–85 days
  • Plant height: 140-150 cm

Type of grade:dominantly sativa

Productivity: 150-200 g per plant

THC content: 15–20%

Plant height: 140-150 cm

Genetics: Amnesia x Super Haze

Bloom: 65 days

Harvesting: 70–85 days


Taste:menthol, lemon

AutoX.Treme is a new variety based on the original Dutch Passion variety. Harvest will be ready for harvest approximately 85 days after planting. Of course, it takes longer to grow it than other auto-feminized varieties. But thanks to this long maturity, Auto X.Treme has a powerful effect, excellent taste and a generous harvest. Also, the plant turns out to be quite high - it can reach 1.5 m. And other cannabis varieties will not be easy to beat this new autofeminized variety.

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