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Lsd (Feminized)

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  • Brand:: Barneys Farm
  • Type: Indica
  • THC: 24%
  • Productivity: 350-400 g / m2
  • Harvesting: Flowering: 56-63

Variety type: Primarily Indica 

Flowering: 56-63 days 

TGC content: 24% 

Yield: 350-400 g / m2 

Genetics: Skunk # 1 x Mazar 

Harvest: mid-September 

Plant height: medium General characteristics Feminized LSD hemp seeds show excellent results germination and rapid development from seed to mature plants. On the main stem of bushes will form a huge stake, consisting of strong buds of inflorescences. LSD has the delightful appearance of a great indica. It is possible to cultivate a crop in almost any conditions, since it adapts well to various types of soil and grows well both in open ground and closed. Origin and rewards

Feminized hemp seeds of LSD variety owe their genetics to the high-quality selection work of breeders from Amsterdam. To remove the hybrid, the best plants of the legendary cannabis species were crossed: Skunk # 1 and Mazar. From the progenitors, he took over the resistance and high performance, combining their special characteristics. Taste and effect With LSD, the mind and body will achieve extreme relaxation, the body will paralyze indian stone, and the mind will plunge into a trance state. The ultra-light white smoke gives off soft flavors of sweet vanilla and refreshing mint. Shrubs, abundantly coated with resin, will exude a faint vanilla aroma that allows you to comfortably cultivate them indoors. 

Medical use

Powerful action, which has healing properties, makes LSD a good remedy for common health disorders, such as: 


muscle spasms; 

chronic pain; 




alarm conditions.

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