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Malana Bomb (Auto)

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  • Brand:: Barneys Farm
  • Type: Indica:70%
  • Productivity: 550g/m2
  • Harvesting: 60-70 days
  • Plant height: 70/90 cm

Genetics:Malana Charas Plant x Lowryder # 1



Seed harvest time:60-70 days

Height:70/90 cm


Malana Charas Plant x Lowryder # 1

With BARNEYS FARM®, we strive to bring you the best varieties, so with MALANA BOMB AUTO ™ we started with one of the most important plants in marijuana culture: Malana Charas. The sacred plant used by the Sadhu in the worship of Shiva - the Hindu God of destruction. Malana Bomb crosses this sacred plant with Lowryder # 1 to create a large and stable plant. Cola ripens with rich pine aromas, recreating the tastes of the Himalayas. MALANA BOMB AUTO ™ naturally goes into bloom for 3 weeks and ends flowering for a total of 60-70 days.

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