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Gagarin Fem

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  • Brand:: BlueMMagic Seeds
  • Type: indian/sativa
  • THC: 32%
  • Productivity: 500 g / m²
  • Genetics: Jamaica / Haw
  • Harvesting: Bloom: 84 days
  • Plant height: 110 - 150 cm

THC content: ~32%~
Variety type: indian/sativa
Bloom: 84 days
Harvest: 500 g / m²
Genetics: Jamaica / Hawaii / Afghanistan
Plant height: 110 - 150 cm

Gagarin Feminised presents a line of the most powerful varieties. Graceful plants, the height of which is 110 - 150 cm, form beautiful bushes. Their special decoration is elongated, light green leaves. In the process of ripening, large dense cones are formed on the bushes, decorated with orange villi. The flowering period is 12 weeks, giving a yield of 500 g / m².

The aroma-flavor characteristics of the variety are diverse. Shades of sandalwood, cypress, spices form a wonderful bouquet. The aftertaste is enriched with spicy nuances. The THC content reaches 29-31.9%. The effect on the body is powerful, it causes relaxation of the whole body, relieves from depression, the effects of stress.

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